Questions to Get You Dreaming

Here is a list of comments or considerations to help you start thinking about the type of questions you should be asking yourself before designing / building a new home. Read through them all or skim the ones that are important to you. The object of the list is not to overwhelm, but encourage your mind to imagine the possibilities.

Purpose for Building

  • Why do we want to build a new custom home?
  • How are our lives changing that we will require a new custom home?
  • Are we planning on growing our family or is our current home just too large for our needs? Are we anticipating having an elderly loved one becoming a permanent guest in our new home?
  • What isn't working in our current home that we wish could be changed dearly?
  • What do we love about our current home and what will be hard to leave or live without?
  • Location
  • Where do we want to live? Are we looking for the calmness and serenity of an acreage? Do we long to be closer to friends and family? Maybe we just want to have the benefit of being surrounded by natural established greenery and growth? How will our everyday commute change?
  • Do we want our new home to take advantage of the natural property characteristics by maximizing view points and lines of sight? Or are we looking for a certain amount of privacy?

Welcome & Impression

  • What particular exterior style of home suits our lifestyle or tastes? Do we love the natural exposed characteristics of a beautiful Craftsman home? Or maybe the commanding appearance of a steep pitched roof provided by a Tudor or French Country style? None of the above – clean lines and flat roofs of a Modern Contemporary home is more our taste.
  • What type of feeling do we want us or our guests to have when they enter our home – grand and open or cozy and comfortable? What is the first thing you want people to see when they come through the front door?
  • What do we want the focal point of our new home to be? Is it an impressive staircase leading to a second developed level? Or would be prefer a beautifully crafted custom fireplace built with a particular amount of scale to serve our needs? Both?


  • How important is it to have a certain amount of "openness" and flow between the key areas of our home?
  • Are we craving areas where natural light will flow into on a regular basis? What rooms would these be?
  • What areas of the home will we and our family gravitate too and "hang out"?

Food Prep & Entertaining

  • Will the Kitchen be the central hub of our home? Do we love to cook or entertain? How much preparation area do we require? Do we prefer to have a work triangle that sprawls across the entire Kitchen or would rather have everything at our finger tips in a moment's notice? Does our BBQ area have to be in close proximity to the Kitchen? Are we "Island" people or does a Galley Kitchen fit our lifestyle better? If we are island people do we love the idea of having a raised portion to hide the mess at the sink or do we prefer the grand scale of a large flush counter island with plenty of space for a quick breakfast or lunch?
  • When we entertain…are we typically lounging around the fireplace and TV or are we looking for a more formal experience for our guests?
  • How many family members and guests do we usually prepare for and need adequate space for everyone to congregate? Is this a single space that is large enough to accommodate even the largest number of quests? Or do we intend on dividing the quests into two or more spaces?

Workspace & Personal Areas

  • Do we plan on having a home base business that would require an Office or Den?
  • We have a ton of books and love reading. Will we require a quite space to accommodate all of our findings and get away from the day to day to indulge ourselves into the many worlds our books provide?
  • We really need a formal living space for quite visits.

Everyday Rooms & Laundry

  • How important is our Mud Room area off the Garage or near the rear entry of our home? What would help us better land into this space - a simple bench with hooks or maybe some lockers? Do we need a second Mud Room space at all or can we just land into a large open front Foyer? Is it important for us to have a Pantry located and be accessible from both the Mud Room and the Kitchen?
  • Where do we foresee ourselves handling the Laundry needs? Do we prefer to be close to the main hub of the home? Does keeping the Laundry closer to the bedroom areas make better sense for our lifestyle? Is a sink in your new Laundry Room going to be the answer to all your stain solutions? Or is it just going to be used as a laundry hamper and not necessarily needed?

Sleeping Arrangements & Accommodations

  • How many bedrooms do we foresee us needing? Will these secondary bedrooms require Walk-In Closets? Where would we like to see these bedrooms located?
  • Is the main bath for the secondary bedrooms accessible to everyone? Maybe a Jack and Jill Bath is ideal for the users?

Space for You

  • Are we planning on using our Master Bedroom as our daily retreat? Or do we simply need a spacious area to house our bed and possibly an armoire or dresser drawers? Would a fireplace in our Master Bedroom suit or lifestyle? How important is it to us to take advantage of any natural light or scenic views in this space?
  • Is the Ensuite going to be our everyday Spa? How many vanity sinks do we need? Are we consistent tub people and if so what kind of tub do I foresee myself relaxing in? Am I looking at a fireplace when I am in the tub? I only need a tub for those twice-a-year soaks and am really an everyday shower person – full tile, glass panels, benches and built-in shampoo shelves…the works! Do I prefer to have a separate space for make-up and hair? Am I comfortable with the toilet being part of the Ensuite or are we looking for more of an enclosed Water Closet situation? And the ever important and controversial question...door or no door on the Ensuite?
  • We have a ton of clothes, shoes and clothing accessories. How big does our closet system have to be? Do we require a full Walk-In Closet with ample shelving? Or is an efficient built-in closet system designed to help keep us organized something we've always dreamed about? Do we want to access the Walk-In Closet from the Master Bedroom? Or do we prefer to keep the closet and the Ensuite as one unified space.

Luxury Spaces & Must Have's

  • Are there any other important spaces that must be accounted for? Would we like to incorporate a fun Games Room? Are we wine coinsurer's, than a Wine Cellar off of the Wet Bar is must. We love movies and need a Home Theater large enough to suit the whole family? Need a sound proof room for the band to practice? Maybe a Home Gym is just what you've always wanted? Or a quite separate place for prayer and reflection?
  • Do we have any family heirlooms that we cherish and need to incorporate into the design?
  • And lest we forget – storage, storage, storage!