Beyond the Blueprints

Locating that Perfect Property

A great custom home design can sometimes be the easy part. Finding the right property for you... now that can be a challenge. In most cases incorporating the natural characteristics of the property in the custom home design is integral to the overall flow of the design. Therefore, before we even begin to think about design, I recommend that you find the perfect property first.

I would be happy to 'walk the lot' with you and help point out all the great natural contours of the property. Also we can look at how to properly locate your future custom dream home and ensure that we maximize any scenic view that might be available to you. More importantly, you should have an up-to-date survey completed by a registered land surveyor. We would be happy to supply a list of qualified surveyors we have dealt with in the past at your request.

Build a "Dream Home" Portfolio and Make a Wish List

If you hadn't already; please take a moment to read through the comments under "Questions to Get You Dreaming". Use these questions as a tool to help kick-start your dream home. Then collect magazine clippings, Showhome brochures, take pictures yourself... anything that will better prepare me to determine what you love or sometimes hate. A good thing to keep in mind is that just because you love a specific area of a layout in one design, doesn't mean you have to have that entire plan layout.

Put all your findings in a binder or note book and we can go through everything carefully. If you are looking to keep these for yourself, I recommend making copies to hand out so that they can be scribbled on, noted or marked up.


"Budget" is one of those words that can either deter someone from creating and building their custom dream home; or help define the level of expectation to which a home owner can consider in their new home. Finding the right Lender or Mortgage Broker can be difficult and stressful. There are many types of institutions that will lend money for mortgages. Narrowing down this decision is a personal and unique preference for everyone and no two situations will be the same. However, once you have determined your budget, one can feel confident moving forward and view this as a necessary positive step.

Having the right budget will help define the maximums and limitations that can come when designing a new custom home.

Finding the Right Contractor or Home Builder

Now that we have designed your new custom dream home, you will have to find someone to physically construct the project. This portion of the experience can be another daunting task as you might be asking yourself, "Who can I really trust?" My suggestion is to take your time and do your research. This is YOUR dream so don't hesitate to ask questions, be blunt but fair and follow through with investigating references.

Although every contractor is different, a good contractor should be licensed and insured and be willing to provide proof of each. They should also have plenty of current and up-to-date references to offer. 'Contracts and Terms' also play a huge role in determining your contractor or home builder. Be sure all the contracts and terms they provide are clear and understandable to you as well as the person supplying the contract. Never sign something that your aren't 100% positive of.