• Stage 1: Dream and Imagine

    The first step to designing your new custom home is to get you to envision yourself in your new surroundings. Check out this section to help you get started considering what you like or what may not like in your new home.

  • Stage 2: Discovery Meeting

    The initial face to face meeting will be the first of many lines of communication that we will have during the entire design process. See this section to find out more about the importance of the first discovery meeting.

  • Stage 3: Preliminary Plans

    In this step, you will now see the beginnings of your new custom dream home. As the process continues, you will really see how the drawings can bring your vision to life. This section simply explains the preliminary plan process.

  • Stage 4: Exterior Elevation Concept and Sketches

    Although the plans and overall layout will affect how you live your day to day life; the exterior elevations are what you come home to everyday or what people will see when they arrive for a visit. This section will help us get the curb appeal which will compliment the floor plans.

  • Stage 5: Working Drawings or Blue Prints

    From true luxury to even the most cost conscience of designs needs a quality, clear and concise set of working drawings or blue prints. These are necessary to help the contractor or home builder bring all that dreaming and envisioning to reality. This stage will help define the expectations needed to get there.

  • Stage 6: Permits and Construction

    Now that you have a complete set of working drawings for your home and are ready to start construction, you can't break ground or swing the first hammer without all the necessary permits. In this section we will help in whatever way possible to obtain these documents.

Welcome to Santha Design

Santha Design is a Residential Design and Drafting Company that prides itself on having the ability to create a unique custom home design based on your individual wants and needs. Following a process of communication and using specific information gathered from you, our customer, we can translate your ideas into a quality set of construction drawings or blue prints.

Santha Design believes that creating a custom home design is more than just lines and text on paper; it's an art form and more importantly, the beginning of an experience where the end result is a structure that creates a personal reflection of one's lifestyle and family. Our key to success is simple and it all starts with one important tool – listening. Listening to our customers is critically important to us and held with high regard.


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Questions to Get You Dreaming:

ome people can sit down and explain immediately what they want and need in their new home. Others know exactly what they hate about their current home but don't really know how a new design could make their lives better. Regardless of what type of home owner you are or dream to be; check out this list of questions I typically ask my clients.

Beyond the Blueprints:

ou've gone through the questions and have a strong vision in your mind of what your new dream home will feel like. You know what you want, your needs and must haves. You're ready to start designing your custom home. Here are just a few more things to consider before we really get moving.

Top Home Design Trends:

s we work through the design with each customer, we typically see similar design concepts carried over from one design to another. Although each design is unique in its own right; here is a list of custom home design ideas that are currently trending.